Friday, August 19, 2011

The End of One Chapter and the Beginning of Another

So, here I am.
Eleven o'clock PM and up drinkin' a good ole Bud Light Lime 
and thinking where the heck did the time go.  
Everyone in my house is sound asleep, but me, I'm wide awake.
How can I sleep when glorious memories are flying around in my head?
All I wanna do is grab 'em and go back in time to those special moments. 
Now that this day has finally come.
Change is good.  
It's a fresh, new start with bright beginnings---I am sure. 
  With all of these wonderful memories consuming my mind, I feel it is

Time to reminisce...

I used to laugh when my sweet Nana would say, 
"It feels like just yesterday when I was a little girl."
I thought she was crazy!
Shoot, that was fifty-something years ago.
Wouldn't that feel like forever ago?
That's an awful long time! (No offense to Nana).
Even though I'm only a young 21-years-old-gal,
I can say, I now know exactly what she means by that statement.

Father time, why can't you slow things down?

Tomorrow, I will be heading down the highway in the early mornin' 
to drop off my baby sister at her new home, her dorm. 
It's her freshman year.
This fact blows my mind.
She was just a freshman in high school.
I vividly remember walking down the long, boring, cement hallways of our high school four years ago.
There I'd be, me along with my senior classmates, and I would pass my sweet sister walking with her freshman classmates.  

I'd cross paths with her every morning after first period, 
and we would catch up in that short time. 
Then, we would part our separate ways once we realized 
the bell would be ringing momentarily.
Times like these, I can honestly say, I never took for granted.  
I loved seeing my sister during school.  
If something was on my mind or my morning was just plain rotten, 
my sweet sister could turn it around in an instant.
I must say, I am beyond excited for my sister's new adventure
but am sad that she is no longer close by.
Now, I have to drive down the darn highway to see her.
Thanks a lot, sis.
Just kidding!  You're definitely worth the drive.