About me

I'm probably one of the happiest people that I know.

I guess it's because it's the little things that make me so very happy,
and I'll never, ever, ever take them for granted.

 The sweet smell of spiced pumpkin candles on a breezy, fall day.
Feeling crafty and artsy---whether it's bracelet-making or decorating.
An ice cold shower on a hot, humid, summer day.
My best friend and sister, Sydney.
A really good ole bear hug.
The sound of my cat's purr.
In depth talks about life and about how weird yet beautiful it can be.
Eating a Reese's cup.  Or two.
Living in the city.
The sound of rain pattering on the roof on a Sunday morning.
Really good music that brings you peace or takes you back to a meaningful moment in time.
Seeing an old friend from the past who hasn't changed a bit.
A movie that makes you think.
Having family gatherings during the holidays. 
The sound of ocean waves hitting the shore.
Holding a newborn baby.
Seeing my mom very happy.
Summer nights under the stars---with a beer in my hand.
The smell of a real Christmas tree.
An older couple holding hands.  
A frozen margarita---anywhere, anytime. 
Walking through cute gift shops.
Small southern towns.
Listening to my Nana's stories from her childhood. 
Feeling blessed to be on this beautiful earth.