Friday, March 30, 2012


I say "Pin-ing!" the same way that
 Charlie Sheen says "Winning!".

Don't know if anyone else does that or if it's just me.
And if I'm an oddball when it comes to that one,
 then well, I'm not the least bit ashamed.

 Causes seriously y'all, 
I do feel like I'm "Winning"  
because I find the coolest stuff evaaaa.

I'm the ultimate crafter, so when I stumble upon other crafters that are just as crazy about crafting as me and I get to see their brilliant ideas, well, you know my heart sorta skips. a. beat. 

I get super-duper excited.
Like the super-duper excited kid in the candy store
that has the mad ADHD jumpin' around...
Yep, that's me.

Here are some of my neat finds that I will be making very, very soon!

Rock rug.
Rock mat (rocks from $1 store)  

Sea-glass windchime.
Sea-glass windchime
Monster bookmarks.
Monster bookmarks
Making these kites.
Fabric kites
Candles in vintage tea cups.
Candles in vintage teacups

Now, can't y'all see why I'm going crazy over here?!?

Which project should I do first?
I'm overwhelmed, 
but I can't wait to get my hands busy!

[Feel free to find me on Pinterest!  
I'm cleighsad or click HERE!] 

I'd love love loveee to hear from y'all 
about your fav. things you've found on Pinterest, 
so please leave comments!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway winner!

After much anticipation, IT'S FINALLY HERE!

I want to thank everyone who either 
commented or e-mailed me regarding 
my shop's one year anniversary.
Y'all are too kind! 

 So, here we go...

The winner of my giveaway is...

Chibi Lolita!

Please e-mail me at within 
the next two days with your address!  Congrats!

Chibi Lolita Mar 21, 2012 09:03 AM
Your bracelets were all so beautiful that it was hard to choose just one as a favorite. Although I favorited a lot of them, I chose Lila as the favorite item. The shades of blue and green go together just heavenly!
True Random Number Generator:

Result: 3

Thanks again, everyone!
I'll be back tomorrow with a fun DIY post.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reminder about giveaway!

For those of you who missed my last post or saw my last post but didn't respond, this post is for you.  

Enter my awesome giveaway!

YOU have the chance to win any bracelet from my shop, 
CLeigh's Collection.

So, respond to my last post with your favorite item from my shop!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double post!

Well, aren't y'all lucky duckies today?

Double posting is not the usual for me, 
but I could not resist!

I'm kind of silly for forgetting 
this, but this day is totally monumental for me!
A year ago today I opened my Etsy shop! 
I can't believe it's already been an entire year!
Anyways, I figured I needed to 
celebrate one way or another, 
so.... here we go.  
Let the celebratin' begin!

I'm going to give you lovely readers a chance to win a bracelet from my shop, CLeigh's Collection.  

Here's what ya gotta do:
1).  Follow me on Chases Sunshine!
2).  Comment on this post with the name 
of your favorite item in my shop! 

Here's my Etsy site:  CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY SHOP!

Seriously, it can't get much easier than that.  
I like to keep things pretty simple.  

I will pick a person at random on Tuesday, March 27th, so you've got a week to browse around my shop and leave a comment on THIS post.  I think that should be enough time!

Good luck to all!  

SB highlights.

Hey, hey, my friends.

 Well, I must say that SB 2012 
treated me real well.
And I sure do hate to see it over.
 Back to the real world.
AKA the boring world.

...but there's no complaining on this end.
My break has been superb for many of reasons.
Here are a few...

#1 The beach

I tell ya, there's something about
being right beside the ocean.
The sounds of the waves crashing up on the beach
 is so peaceful and soothing,
even in the midst of chilly and really windy weather.
(I'm talking super windy and 45 degrees, people...)

Gee, I swear time flies when you're havin' fun
because my beach trip flew by like no other.
I had a blast.

We ventured to the Currituck Light House,
but unfortunately, it was closed until the end of March,
so this distance shot was my only option.

The Whalehead Club
Click here for more info. on the Whalehead Club

Me and my baby sister.

You remember that awesome Nana who threw back the
tequila shots in my earlier post?
Yep, here's your girl once again.

Gorgeous bridge across from the Whalehead Club.

My sister and Margaret, her friend from school.

#2 Elton John

My dad surprised me with a ticket
 to go see the amazing Elton John.
Words cannot even explain how amazing he is.
And my dad is pretty amazing too for surprising me.
Such an awesome experience.

And he sang all of my favorites, of course.
...making the night absolutely perfect.

#3 Ollie time

Y'all know I've got mucho love for my flat-faced buddy.
So, I'm so happy that I've gotten to spend a lot of
extra quality time with my furry friend.

#4 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Need I say more?

I downed a couple of these boxes...
And why yes, I am well aware that I will be workin'
my a$$ off at the gym for days
to lose that cookie weight.
Whatever.  It was worth the face stuffing.

Etsy Feature of the day: 
Okay, so I'm a huge fan of accessories.  They really can make an outfit.  Just a lil' added touch makes a difference, which is why I wanna share a super cute accessory that can glam-up your everyday outfit.  Throw that "plain Jane" look out the window because here's the oh-so-adorable knitted cotton scarf.  

Visit this awesome shop here: 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hey, hey.
Just in case you didn't catch the memo above ^, 
my spring break is hereeeeeeeeee.
 And I'm stoked.

I have been a lucky lady these past two years.  I was fortunate enough to go sail off on a lovely cruise two short years ago, and just last year I was lucky enough to fly off to St. Thomas.  I know that I've been lucky.  Here are some memories from those last two trips...

I know, I know.
My Nana is simply the coolest.
I don't know too many other g'mas who would 
be willing to rock a sombrero will downing some liquor.   

This year, I'm not leaving the country or flying off to some tropical island.  Nope.  And friends, I'm honestly fine with it because all that matters to me is the fact that I get to spend my break with my family So, for this year's spring break, I'm heading to Corolla, NC, a beach much closer to home.  If you haven't heard of it, well, you're missing out.  It's a slice of heaven.  Go when you get the chance.  

I like Corolla because it isn't just like any other beach.  
Yes, it has become more commercialized 
during the past few years;
 however, I don't think it has totally lost its charm.
Some days you can still find wild horses peacefully galloping along the shore.  

And even though it's supposed to be, what,
42 degrees on Saturday (BRR, I know...),
I'll be enjoying the beach.
And when I start to shiver and when my cheeks turn red,

I'll still be enjoying it.

And if I end up getting frostbite (God forbid), then I'll just close my eyes and pretend I'm kickin' it in my lawn chair with a margarita in my hand instead of a hot cocoa. 

A girl can dream, right?

So, to conclude, I wanna share something absolutely delicious for you to sip on, so that you, too, can imagine yourself tanning your bronzed bod beside the sea.  What a nice thought, huh?

Mango Island 


  • Ice
  • 2 ounces blanco tequila
  • 1-ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • 1 lime, juiced, plus a lime wedge, for garnish
  • 1 cup fresh mango chunks, plus a mango slice, for garnish
  • 2 ounces sweet and sour mix


Made in 2 parts, half frozen and half on the rocks.
In a shaker tin combine ice, 1-ounce tequila, 1/2-ounce Cointrou or Triple Sec, juice of 1/2 lime, and 1-ounce sweet and sour mix. 
Shake ingredients and strain over ice into a pint glass.
For the second part, add the remaining ingredients, plus 1 cup of ice to a blender. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Pour the frozen mango margarita into the pint glass with the margarita, to create a floating island and garnish with a mango slice and a lime wedge.
Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!

Monday, March 5, 2012


In order for me to function on a day-to-day basis,
I must have organization in my life.

More like capsized, underlined, bolded  MUST.  

^ I'm totally diggin' the organization of the color.

Seriously, whenever I'm in my room and am trying to work on schoolwork or something else that just has to be done, I must have a clean and organized space in order to get anything done.  I could be in the middle of writing a paper and notice that something in my room is out of place.  And yes, I'll put my pen down mid-sentence to get off my tush and fix that out of place "thing".  I am a neat freak when it comes to stuff like that or maybe my ADD is more out of control than I thought it was (?).  

...And as y'all know, I'm a Pinterest freak, too.

(I guess I'm just a freak in general.)

Which is why I want to show you all of the 
amazing organizational finds
 that I located on the oh-so-wonderful Pinterest.


You may find that, if you're a craftin' queen like me, these hanging plastic zipper bags full of your craft supplies is such a splendid and neat idea.  


Or that old doors serve more than one purpose... 


And that sticky notes are the bomb-diggity because a) they're pretty, b) they have the ability to organize your life and your soul, and c) they're just the bomb-diggity and there's no need for and explanation for why.  They are just are.


Even something so simple as tagged boxes can
 make life so much easier. 

And the magic of letter stickers...
They really can create really neat things.  


Now scarves can now be displayed beautifully!


There's no need to be tossin' old cardboard boxes.  Decorate 'em all fancily and ouila!  
It's like magic, y'all.
Organized inspiration.



Even though this shirt is not the least bit factual,
 I caught myself finding it a tad bit funny.  
Had to share.

Have a "Happy Monday"!