Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Walk in the Park

The second we get a warm day in the middle of the chilly fall, I grab it and run.

Warm weather in November?  Let me tell ya, sister.  It's rare Rare like a four leaf clover rare.  It doesn't happen in sweet ole Virginia, which is why I absolutely freaked out this morning.  

After grabbin' a granola bar out of the cabinet and takin' morning meds, I headed to the living room door that leads off to my balcony.  As I slowly opened the door, I was preparing myself for the chills that were about to make my leg hairs, which were shaved off the night before, grow back.  I was expecting a gust of cold air causing me to shiver from my toesies to the top of my ballerina bun, but that didn't happen.  Instead, the outdoor's warmth took over my body and mind...because at that instant, I thought of exactly how I was going to spend my day.  

In the park.

I must say, the park I visited and have been visiting since I was a wee lil' tot, is probably the best park out there.  No, it doesn't compare to Central Park.  Yeah, it's a lotta acres of land.  Yeah, it's got beautiful gardens and waterfalls.  I like all of that stuff, but most of all, I like the peacefulness of it all.  It's a great escape from the city.  I guess that is why it's there.  It's located only a short 5 minutes outside of the city.  Convenient, huh?

My sweet girlfriends and I picnic-ed in the park and had a nice chitty-chat.

I really cherish times like these.  
Enjoying each others company sure is nice---
especially on a day like today. 

So, I guess I should give a shout-out to the "Mother" who made this day possible.
Mother Nature, you da bomb.  I greatly appreciated this break from the arctic weather.