Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer rewind!

Because my blog postings were lacking this summer,
I feel that it is necessary to share a few photos
to prove that I did indeed do something 
somewhat productive with my time.  

Posing with pink fishies on the VA Beach Boardwalk
Kettle Korn on VA Beach Boardwalk
DMB concert
DMB concert with the sister
Roadtrip to VA Beach for July 4th
July 4th Ollie
My sweet cousin, Melody, celebrating July 4th and July 5th (her 21st!)
July 4th brews
Baby shower
 -Along with my summer rewind, 
I want to share some exciting shop news!-

I am having a sale right now on my summer items!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I hate cars

I sure am glad that I'm not a guy
because guys love cars.
And I Hate (I put a capital H on purpose) cars.
...and please note that I say this with a fiery passion. 
I've been around guys,
and one of the most popular discussions
amongst a group of guys usually deals with cars.

Just to get the record straight---
I don't care to know ANYTHING about cars.
How they work, all their parts,... NADA.  
All cars do is make me mad.

Needless to say,
this morning didn't exactly start off on the right foot.
(Couldn't you tell?)

Grabbed my backpack,
plopped it in the passenger's seat, 
and put my keys in the ignition
only to feel a strong bumpbumpbump vibration
 somewhere under the car
and to see a "Service Engine Soon" ungodly light 
shining behind the steering wheel.
It's times like these that I feel like
screaming at the top of my lungs, 
punching a wall, chugging 12 coronas,
or changing right back into my pajamas 
and hopping right back into bed.

Seriously, I won't sugarcoat it.
It absolutely sucks to wake up to this.
And I think that you'd agree.

I swear, It took everything in my pissed off body
 to just take a deep breath 
and thank the good lord that my sweet sister's car 
was at my house for me to drive.

As I was driving down the road in my sister's car, 
I was blaring some jams.
I was still heated,
so I needed something to get my mind 
off of my crazy, hectic morning.
As I continued driving,
I approached the tolls that I pass through
everyday to and from class.

Pet Peeve #184:
When drivers are rude to the people 
who work at the toll booths.

Just an FYI---these people don't make the rules 
to set fees for the people driving on the roads, 
so why be rude to them?
Also, how fun can working
at those teeny tiny booths be?
I always say a friendly "Hello" with a smile, 
along with a "Thank you" as the bar is raised for me to
continue on down the road.
 It's the kind thing to do after all.

So, at the toll booth,
I handed the older woman my $1.00 bill
and said my "Hello, how are you?"
Only to expect the usual response: "Doing well, and you?"

This time, I didn't get that.
It was a long and awkward pause.
I knew the lady had heard me,
so I did not feel that it was necessary to repeat myself.
For a good 6 seconds and a way too awkward pause,
and with a bit of hesitation,
she handed my money and said,
"It has been a very rough morning, but I'm managing."
She forced a smile.
I reached for my change.
Noticing my bracelet, which I had made, she said,
"Wow, that sure is beautiful.  Where did you get that?"
"I made it."
"Well, how much are they?  I'd love to buy one."
I twisted the bracelet off of my wrist
and handed it to the woman.

"It's yours."

I had no idea why that woman's morning
had been "very rough",
but I really hoped
that I somehow made it better.

I'll say it over and over again---
it's the little things
that make a world of a difference. 
And I hope that somehow
I brought a little sunshine to her day.
Because she sure did bring some to mine.
It made me feel great.   

Oh, and as for my car?
$1,000 + I had to spend to fix the darn thing (dammit).
Oh yes, it was a hard thing to swallow.
But these are times when I have to put things in perspective.
Yes, it sucks to have this happen, 
but I'd much rather be happy than sad.
So, yes, right now I'm happy and broke.
And in good health.
So, I'm fine.  Thankyouverymuch. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Shower Success

If time management were an Olympic sport,
I'd be the one to win the gold medal. 
Hands down.

 Hah!, a girl can only dream...
because I could quite possibly be
the worst time manager.
All Saturday morning I was
scrammin' around like a looney.
...And boyyy, did I look like one too.
Imagine running around here and there.
Without a shower.
In 100 degrees heat.  
Ai yi yiiiiiiiii.
Be glad you didn't see me.

Yep, now you might be able to sympathize.
Lookin' like a cave women is the worst.
All I gotta say is I'm one lucky lady because
my mom and sister pulled through for me big time.
I realized I had farrr too much 
to do in a few hours' time.
(Go figure).


I gave my sister the job of attaching the paper clouds
to the toothpicks for the cupcakes, 
while I attached party favors and hung paper flowers.

And after the paper flowers were up, 
I remembered I forgot to get the real flowers.
**** **** **** **** *********!!!!!
(Insert all the choice words known in 
the English language).

I wasn't the happiest camper at this moment.

It was 1:25 and the shower started at 2.
And I hadn't even taken my shower!

After a two-minute shower 
and almost having my arm fall off by going crazy 
with the blow dryer,
and being speedy gonzales with my makeup,
I made it back in time to host the baby shower.
...And just in time to see that my mom and sister 
had gotten the real flowers.

The right color and all.

Here's the finished product...

There was a lot more food, 
but this was the pretty decorated table 
that deserved to be photographed.

Guestbook---stamp finger and sign name.  
(Fingerprints were the raindrops).

 It went really great, 
and I'm so happy that everyone liked it.

(Photo props to my sister).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Almost August...what?

During all the months of the year, 
besides June, July, and August,
I look at the calendar.

During summer, I just don't.
 And now, having just looked at the calendar, 
I wish I did check it more often.
It's July 21st.  
Today marks exactly one week 'til the baby shower (!).  
Time flies, right?
Even though I've managed to knock out some 
things off my list of to-dos, 
I'm afraid there are more things left to cross off.

-Get cupcakes

-Make tissue flowers

-Purchase real flowers

-Make name tags for guests

...and that's only a few things. 
Once this week is over, I'll have a lengthier post.
Too much stuff to squeeze into a single post.  
 I swear I didn't forget about my fellow bloggers.
There will be more to come! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's here!

Summer's here which means a few great things...

1.  No studying.  
(I hear the hallelujah chorus in my head 
along with Alice Cooper's "School's out for summer...")

You know, that crazy scene 
when all of the kids drop their books
 and throw their papers in the air 
in the movie Dazed and Confused?  
Yep, that's all going on in my head right now.
It's a great feeling.

2.  Outdoor concerts.  
(Dave Matthews is on tour this summer...couldn't be happier.)

3.  Margaritas on the beach.  
(Hell yeah, friends).

 Sounds pah-retty good to me.

Summertime is like a breath of fresh air, 
a field full of daisies,
the smell of asphalt after a rain shower...
You get the picture.  
It's the best.  

And it's here.

 What does "summer" mean for you?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh boy!

The post's title gave it away, so the secret is out.
She's having a BOY, y'all!...and I'm so, 
so excited for her!...and for myself.  
I love babies!
I was at work earlier and
saw an itty bitty one and kept thinking...
wow, they really are so itty bitty.
You forget how small they really are
when you aren't used to being around them.
But I guess I'll be gettin' used to it come September.

Among other things, it's finals week.
Dun dun dunnnnn.
I'll be a much happier gal come Wednesday at 5 PM.
At that beautiful hour, I'll be D-O-N-E.
 And it's about damn time!
I'm fine with just fast-forwarding to Wednesday. 
Hope that works with y'all.

Then again, I could just take this silly E-card's advice...
Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whoa, baby!

  I still cannot believe that one of my dear best friends 
is going to be a mommy come September.

It's her first baby(!), and even though
I was totally caught off-guard
and completely shocked and actually began to
bawl like a baby when she told me her
crazy news just a couple weeks ago, 
I must say that I am so much looking forward to 
the lil' nugget's arrival. 

And...of course I've already found
adorably adorable ideas for the baby shower.
Because I will be throwing her one!
I know...I know.
I probably should calm down
considering I just found out that
she's got a bun in the oven.
But hey---it's never too early to start plannin', right?!?

So, here are my ideas thus far...

-Mason jars with striped cloud straws-
-Advice to Mommy-to-be-
-Welcome sign-
-Cloud cupcakes (pink if it's a girl, blue if it's a boy)-
-Hanging clouds-

-Pom poms-

Ah, so exciting!
Oh, and please feel free to
e-mail me or comment below
if you have any suggestions for anything
baby shower-related!


Also, I want to give a big "Thank you!"
to Lauren from "Window by the Sea" 
for giving my blog an award.
Thanks so much!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Need this.

Sometimes we need some powerful words
to keep us going.


Better things ahead.

 It's a short one,
but it's what I need.
And hopefully it gives you some inspiration as well.
Have a happy Monday, y'all.

Friday, March 30, 2012


I say "Pin-ing!" the same way that
 Charlie Sheen says "Winning!".

Don't know if anyone else does that or if it's just me.
And if I'm an oddball when it comes to that one,
 then well, I'm not the least bit ashamed.

 Causes seriously y'all, 
I do feel like I'm "Winning"  
because I find the coolest stuff evaaaa.

I'm the ultimate crafter, so when I stumble upon other crafters that are just as crazy about crafting as me and I get to see their brilliant ideas, well, you know my heart sorta skips. a. beat. 

I get super-duper excited.
Like the super-duper excited kid in the candy store
that has the mad ADHD jumpin' around...
Yep, that's me.

Here are some of my neat finds that I will be making very, very soon!

Rock rug.
Rock mat (rocks from $1 store)  

Sea-glass windchime.
Sea-glass windchime
Monster bookmarks.
Monster bookmarks
Making these kites.
Fabric kites
Candles in vintage tea cups.
Candles in vintage teacups

Now, can't y'all see why I'm going crazy over here?!?

Which project should I do first?
I'm overwhelmed, 
but I can't wait to get my hands busy!

[Feel free to find me on Pinterest!  
I'm cleighsad or click HERE!] 

I'd love love loveee to hear from y'all 
about your fav. things you've found on Pinterest, 
so please leave comments!