Saturday, July 21, 2012

Almost August...what?

During all the months of the year, 
besides June, July, and August,
I look at the calendar.

During summer, I just don't.
 And now, having just looked at the calendar, 
I wish I did check it more often.
It's July 21st.  
Today marks exactly one week 'til the baby shower (!).  
Time flies, right?
Even though I've managed to knock out some 
things off my list of to-dos, 
I'm afraid there are more things left to cross off.

-Get cupcakes

-Make tissue flowers

-Purchase real flowers

-Make name tags for guests

...and that's only a few things. 
Once this week is over, I'll have a lengthier post.
Too much stuff to squeeze into a single post.  
 I swear I didn't forget about my fellow bloggers.
There will be more to come! 

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