Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Shower Success

If time management were an Olympic sport,
I'd be the one to win the gold medal. 
Hands down.

 Hah!, a girl can only dream...
because I could quite possibly be
the worst time manager.
All Saturday morning I was
scrammin' around like a looney.
...And boyyy, did I look like one too.
Imagine running around here and there.
Without a shower.
In 100 degrees heat.  
Ai yi yiiiiiiiii.
Be glad you didn't see me.

Yep, now you might be able to sympathize.
Lookin' like a cave women is the worst.
All I gotta say is I'm one lucky lady because
my mom and sister pulled through for me big time.
I realized I had farrr too much 
to do in a few hours' time.
(Go figure).


I gave my sister the job of attaching the paper clouds
to the toothpicks for the cupcakes, 
while I attached party favors and hung paper flowers.

And after the paper flowers were up, 
I remembered I forgot to get the real flowers.
**** **** **** **** *********!!!!!
(Insert all the choice words known in 
the English language).

I wasn't the happiest camper at this moment.

It was 1:25 and the shower started at 2.
And I hadn't even taken my shower!

After a two-minute shower 
and almost having my arm fall off by going crazy 
with the blow dryer,
and being speedy gonzales with my makeup,
I made it back in time to host the baby shower.
...And just in time to see that my mom and sister 
had gotten the real flowers.

The right color and all.

Here's the finished product...

There was a lot more food, 
but this was the pretty decorated table 
that deserved to be photographed.

Guestbook---stamp finger and sign name.  
(Fingerprints were the raindrops).

 It went really great, 
and I'm so happy that everyone liked it.

(Photo props to my sister).


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