Saturday, September 1, 2012

I hate cars

I sure am glad that I'm not a guy
because guys love cars.
And I Hate (I put a capital H on purpose) cars.
...and please note that I say this with a fiery passion. 
I've been around guys,
and one of the most popular discussions
amongst a group of guys usually deals with cars.

Just to get the record straight---
I don't care to know ANYTHING about cars.
How they work, all their parts,... NADA.  
All cars do is make me mad.

Needless to say,
this morning didn't exactly start off on the right foot.
(Couldn't you tell?)

Grabbed my backpack,
plopped it in the passenger's seat, 
and put my keys in the ignition
only to feel a strong bumpbumpbump vibration
 somewhere under the car
and to see a "Service Engine Soon" ungodly light 
shining behind the steering wheel.
It's times like these that I feel like
screaming at the top of my lungs, 
punching a wall, chugging 12 coronas,
or changing right back into my pajamas 
and hopping right back into bed.

Seriously, I won't sugarcoat it.
It absolutely sucks to wake up to this.
And I think that you'd agree.

I swear, It took everything in my pissed off body
 to just take a deep breath 
and thank the good lord that my sweet sister's car 
was at my house for me to drive.

As I was driving down the road in my sister's car, 
I was blaring some jams.
I was still heated,
so I needed something to get my mind 
off of my crazy, hectic morning.
As I continued driving,
I approached the tolls that I pass through
everyday to and from class.

Pet Peeve #184:
When drivers are rude to the people 
who work at the toll booths.

Just an FYI---these people don't make the rules 
to set fees for the people driving on the roads, 
so why be rude to them?
Also, how fun can working
at those teeny tiny booths be?
I always say a friendly "Hello" with a smile, 
along with a "Thank you" as the bar is raised for me to
continue on down the road.
 It's the kind thing to do after all.

So, at the toll booth,
I handed the older woman my $1.00 bill
and said my "Hello, how are you?"
Only to expect the usual response: "Doing well, and you?"

This time, I didn't get that.
It was a long and awkward pause.
I knew the lady had heard me,
so I did not feel that it was necessary to repeat myself.
For a good 6 seconds and a way too awkward pause,
and with a bit of hesitation,
she handed my money and said,
"It has been a very rough morning, but I'm managing."
She forced a smile.
I reached for my change.
Noticing my bracelet, which I had made, she said,
"Wow, that sure is beautiful.  Where did you get that?"
"I made it."
"Well, how much are they?  I'd love to buy one."
I twisted the bracelet off of my wrist
and handed it to the woman.

"It's yours."

I had no idea why that woman's morning
had been "very rough",
but I really hoped
that I somehow made it better.

I'll say it over and over again---
it's the little things
that make a world of a difference. 
And I hope that somehow
I brought a little sunshine to her day.
Because she sure did bring some to mine.
It made me feel great.   

Oh, and as for my car?
$1,000 + I had to spend to fix the darn thing (dammit).
Oh yes, it was a hard thing to swallow.
But these are times when I have to put things in perspective.
Yes, it sucks to have this happen, 
but I'd much rather be happy than sad.
So, yes, right now I'm happy and broke.
And in good health.
So, I'm fine.  Thankyouverymuch. 

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