Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..."

I would greet y'all by saying "Good morning", but it is not such a good morning for many folks.
After seeing and hearing the devastating news about these crazy tornados across the states yesterday, I figured I'd post my thoughts.

First off, tornadoes scare the living crap outta me.  I attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and witnessed tornados there.  Not fun.  
So, yesterday, I was logged onto my Facebook, and I saw my Ole Miss friends' statuses pertaining to the crazy weather down there.  I thank God that my friends and family are okay right now.  I'm sorry to hear that others were not as lucky.  

"More tornado sirens?  Is this real life?"

"So sick of the sirens and having to seek shelter.  I just want to go get back in my bed."  

"2 tornadoes hit within a few hours...  they can't expect me to go to class when the streets are flooding and roods blown off, right?"

My thoughts are with those who lost a loved one, a house, or property.  What a devastation.  

These images taken in Tuscaloosa, Alabama make my tummy turn upside down.  I feel for the families and the communities that were hit by these tornadoes.  Especially after watching the footage of a tornado that touched down there, my heart cries out to y'all.  The footage is right Here. 

In Virginia, we were hit by tornadoes, but none of these that hit were nearly as severe as those in the deep south.  Interested in the footage of the tornadoes that touched down near my hometown?  If so,  Click this link.   This link shows a video of tornado footage at a nearby college.  Longwood University is approximately 1 hour away from where I live.  I have a dear friend that attends Longwood University, so I made sure to check in with her last night.  

I texted her, "Are you okay?  Saw tornado watch your way..."

And she responded, "Yes, everything is fine.  It has passed us now.  Saw the spinning cloud though..."  

Definitely gives me an eerie feeling.  Stay safe, everyone.  

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