Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Travel with me!

Okay, so I figured I would leave you with more than just the boring "It's my first day blogging post".

Maybe the cloudy weather is getting to my head, but I am reminiscing the good time I had just a short year ago on my cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands where the weather was sunny and in the 80's  (perfection).

You can cry with me if you want.  I long for a trip like this.  Hopefully it will be sooner or later that I can venture out to paradise.  Wanna come with me?

Out on our balcony.  Can you say BLUE!?!

Right off the boat.  Cute town, cute shops, cute everything.  

On Margaritaville's deck.  

Nothing better than a cold one on a hot day.  Yum.

In front of Margaritaville.  

 Miss this.  

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