Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to the grind

I think Ollie could tell that I didn't want to get off my lazy a$$ this mornin', as I kept snoozin' my alarm.  But seriously---who wouldn't wanna snooze their alarm after such a relaxing and enjoyable month-long vacay?

Not I...

and anyone else in their right mind.  I mean, it is hard impossible going back to the real world after that sort of treatment.  Oh, I hate you, reality. 

So, here's to a brand spankin' new semester...

While the kickoff to a new semester may be annoyingly stressful, it does have its perks (if you can believe it).

Backpacks, people.  
Now is the time to grab a cute new backpack.

All, of course, from Etsy.  

Be sure to click the description and price
under the pictures to take you to the site. 

Leather backpack; $39.99.
Owl on Urban Outfitters backpack; $40.

Recycled Burlap and Feed Sack backpack; $70.


  1. Hi CLeigh - Thanks for including my backpack in your blog post! Cool blog by the way - and let me tell you, 10am is the perfect time to pop a Corona ;)- Julia

  2. You're welcome, Julia! And thanks!


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