Thursday, January 26, 2012

No class!

Thursdays are my "no class" days.

Can I get a...

Hell yeah!?!

I really like this no class Thursday thing.

I'm sure once the semester gets goin', I'll be focusing on classes on Thursday (boo), but for right now, I'm taking full advantage of my free day. 

And with help from Pinterest, I'm hoping to tackle some projects on my no class Thursdays.

So, here are my ideas...

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Spray Paint Thrift Finds

I love love love love love thrifting and a cool project.  Ever since I came across this neat and eclectic idea, I'm thinkin' I'll be seeing things in a whole different light.  Seeing figurines that are hideously-colored was usually an automatic turn-off for me.  Now, after seeing this, I have realized that all these ugly things needed was a good makeover.  The good ole spray paint is just the thing that could bring it back to life. 

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Push pin picture

This is too freaking cute. I can't wait to grab my shadow box that has been sitting in my closet for years now. Seriously, I have never quite figured out what to do with the darn thing, so now I know! I love the idea of using push pins, but you can even buy fabric flower stickers which come in bundles, making this project cheaper. You can even use this: COUPON

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Heart-painted Rocks

Some people have a weird obsession with rocks.  I happen to not be one of those people.  Rocks bore me.  They are blah.  The only reason why I dig 'em maybe a teensy bit is because they are nature-y (like my made up word?).  I'm all about some color, friends.  So, when I came across this cool idea, I got super excited.  My outdoor balcony area has lots of pots and plants, and these little painted rocks would be a nice added touch to my little set up.  So, I'm thinkin' I'll be rock-collectin' in the near future. 

So, this week has been quite entertaining, as I have been getting "the DL" about rush from my baby sister.  If you've ever gone through Greek rush, then you would know that it's a tiring and stressful, but rewarding process.  After rushing for a week, my baby sister pledged the sorority Delta Gamma.  And I couldn't be more excited for her! 

Below, are some "Greek" goodies
that I discovered on Etsy. 

Thanks to all of the wonderful artists and crafters! 

Click links of the items under pictures.
Delta Gamma (DG) Greek Sorority Personalized Note Cards
Greek Personalized Notecards; $12.50

Nautical anchor and pink chalcedony heart briolette necklace -- Delta Gamma Sorority
Anchor Delta Gamma Necklace; $20
Delta Gamma Hand Wrapped Ring in Pink, Blue, and Bronze
Delta Gamma Hand Wrapped Ring; $10

20 oz. Greek Sorority Tumbler Cups Gift- Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma, Chi Omega
Greek Tumblers; $17


  1. Love all of the Delta Gamma stuff! :) Can't wait to load up

  2. Yeah, sis. So many good things on Etsy! :)

  3. Enjoy your "no class" days. Wonderful Delta Gamma picks.


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