Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What month is it?

I'm very confused, friends.  

This morning, I stared inside my closet and contemplated exactly what I wanted to wear. With a closet full of "seasonal" things such as sweaters, jackets, scarves, and other wintry things; I threw my hands in the air and just gave up.

You know that freeeeeeezing weather that usually greets us at this time of the year?  

Yeah, well it's not here, if you haven't noticed.

I opened my blinds and was immediately blinded by the sun's bright rays.  As I squinted out my window, I noticed two ladies walking down the sidewalk right in front of my apartment.  This isn't odd or anything.  I see many people running or walking around my part of town.  What is odd was they were wearing t-shirts and shorts

Last time I checked it's the first of February (AKA Febrrrrr-ary). 

Before you might think that those two ladies are absolute lunatics for wearing this sort of apparel in the month of February, I have to set the record straight.  It really was 70-freaking-degrees.  Believe it or not. 

Because it's warm and gorgeous outside, my mindset is: it's warm outside, so summer has to be close.  Oh, I only wish this was the truth...

I guess we will have to wait and 
see if the groundhog sees his shadow...  
I'm hoping we won't have 6 more weeks of winter.  

That might as well be me.  My mind has quite an imagination, huh?

Since this is all I can think about because I've been teased by the weather, here's some beachy, summer-y stuff that I'm diggin'.

Check it out, y'all.

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 Tiny Antique Gold Seahorse and Turquoise Charm Necklace; $6.25.

Ocean Sterling Silver Earrings; $22.

 By the Sea Coastal Decor; $12. 

Next time, I'll be back with more DIY projects, so be sure to check back!  


  1. I know what you mean about the weather! It has been so warm and beautiful in southern Cali that I just can't figure out if I want to put away my winter clothes and pull out my summer clothes or not!?! I wish mother nature would make up her mind! LOVE your ocean/sea themed collection. Are you on pinterest? If you aren't already, you should be! Anyways, check out my Etsy store some time... I have a little beachy side to me too ;) Enjoy the weather! - Lauren

  2. Wow, you're so lucky to be in CA! Lets trade places, haha. I am on Pinterest! I'll be posting my link in the near future. I'm a HUGE fan of pinning. :)


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