Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seriously, Mister Groundhog?

Not too happy with Mr. G'hog right about now, y'all...

I mean, really?!?
6 more long weeks of winter?
He's gotta be kiddin'.

Okay, enough of my complaining.  I can't be in a mad-at-the-world type of mood when I get to leave the city life for a day and half to go see my sis at her school (tomorrow!).  I'm super excited.  The plan is to visit with she and her friends, maybe do a little shopping, eat dinner with all of her new "sisters", and party it up since it's the boys' bid day---which is apparently one of the craziest and most fun nights this semester.  So, I'm stoked (to say the least!).  

Can't wait to see her!

It's been a few weeks since I last saw my sis, so it will be good to give her a good ole' squeeze.  You know, some big sister lovin'.   Gotta love it. 

Now, for the promised DIY project...

Lace candle holders
Pretty easy, huh?
Probably don't have to spell it out for ya.
Buy some lace, mason jars, or cups, and
some tea light candles...
And voila!
You got it, sister.  Work yo magic.   

 Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend---don't eat yourself silly on Superbowl Sunday ;)

***For those of you who haven't noticed, I added a button to the right of my page!  Feel free to "grab" it, and add it to your blog.  Those who do, I will be oh-so-proud to dedicate some of my future posts promoting your Etsy shop!  So, be sure to let me know if you "grab" it :) .  Thanks! 

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