Friday, March 30, 2012


I say "Pin-ing!" the same way that
 Charlie Sheen says "Winning!".

Don't know if anyone else does that or if it's just me.
And if I'm an oddball when it comes to that one,
 then well, I'm not the least bit ashamed.

 Causes seriously y'all, 
I do feel like I'm "Winning"  
because I find the coolest stuff evaaaa.

I'm the ultimate crafter, so when I stumble upon other crafters that are just as crazy about crafting as me and I get to see their brilliant ideas, well, you know my heart sorta skips. a. beat. 

I get super-duper excited.
Like the super-duper excited kid in the candy store
that has the mad ADHD jumpin' around...
Yep, that's me.

Here are some of my neat finds that I will be making very, very soon!

Rock rug.
Rock mat (rocks from $1 store)  

Sea-glass windchime.
Sea-glass windchime
Monster bookmarks.
Monster bookmarks
Making these kites.
Fabric kites
Candles in vintage tea cups.
Candles in vintage teacups

Now, can't y'all see why I'm going crazy over here?!?

Which project should I do first?
I'm overwhelmed, 
but I can't wait to get my hands busy!

[Feel free to find me on Pinterest!  
I'm cleighsad or click HERE!] 

I'd love love loveee to hear from y'all 
about your fav. things you've found on Pinterest, 
so please leave comments!


  1. That rock mat and sea glass wind chime look like fun projects!

  2. I say "pinning" like "winning" too. I think it makes us more awesome. :-)

    I blogged a Pinterest roundup today, too, if you want to take a look.

    Off to look at your boards!

  3. Awesome round up! I have seen those monster bookmarks before. They're so cute. Happy creating. :)

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  4. I'm not on pinterest but I love your finds! The sea glass windchime is just gorgeous, although if I tried it I don't think mine would look a tenth as good as that!


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