Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be hoooooo you is.


Had to get that out of my system.  
I just can't contain my excitement cause it's fall break, baby.
...And I have no clue how I will be entertaining myself 
for the next 5 days...  
I might go crazy.  Who knows.
Suggestions for what to do with all of this extra time would be greatly appreciated.
My days are open for anything and everything.


So, I've got a confession to make.

One of my guiltiest pleasures is people watching (Don't hate).
Granted, I haven't been doing as much of it lately
now that I've got my IPHONE to keep myself entertained 
in a moment of extreme boredom (Words with Friends, anyone?),
but still, if I'm on the city bus, in a line to check out at the grocery store,
or just waiting for the light to turn green, I'll find myself keepin' 
pretty darn busy as I watch people carry on about their business. 
As long as it keeps me from biting my nails.
People fascinate me, everyday.
And one thing I do love about living in the city is seeing all of the diversity. 
This makes the people watching  
that much better.
Unlike my first college town--- the little cookie cutter college town of
Oxford, Mississippi
where everyone looks alike---everyone here is so 
individually and uniquely awesome. 
They wear their hair the way they wanna, dress like they are making the boldest statement, and just have their swag turned on to the 
max. level possible.
I think it's pretty darn great.

To the boy with the fitted jeans, neon-colored baseball hat, and striped polo that I saw as I was high-tailin' it to class:

You keep showin' 'em what ya got, boy.


Originality is something that I value a lot, 
and I feel that everyone else should value it a lot, too.
What's so great about "going with the crowd"?
Step out, and be the true original that you are.
Yeah, it might take some guts but you got to be yourself.  
Lets face it---without originality, the world would suck.
And people watching would suck.
Check out these Etsy artists and crafters who feel the same as me.  

These items listed below are for sale.  Please click the link under the pictures to take you to the artist/crafter's store.

Hooooooo loves this owl necklace created by intriguedknits?  
I do, I do!
I am obsessed with owls.  
And... I am so obsessed with jewelry.
So, put the two together, and I'm in love.

This necklace is an adorable owl face painted on a walnut shell.
Creative and cute!
For $18, you can wear this baby around your neck.
So, check out intriguedknits!


  1. Ha! I totally understand... I'm a big, big fan of people watching. Especially at the airport. It's AMAZING what you can see around there... :)

  2. .
    Me to I love to watch people, I can see how similar we are and each of us so unique in the same time.
    I really like your blog, so positive and optimistic!!


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