Thursday, October 6, 2011

I go pink.

It's October, which you should already know,
unless you've been living in a hole
or haven't checked the calendar lately.
If that's the case,
 then I'm deeply concerned about you, friend.

October is a wonderful month.

...and it's not only because of the fall foliage,
hot cider, and Halloween decor
 Yeah, those things are quite dandy,
but it's especially dandy because it's
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Founded in 1985, NBCAM is a health campaign organized by various breast cancer charities.

NBCAM's goals are to...

  • Increase awareness
  • Raise funds for research
  • Offer support to those who have been affected by breast cancer
  • Get rid of this crazy b!tch AKA cancer

     Any discussion relating to cancer really hits home for me.  Literally.  My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma during my senior year of high school.  The cancer not only affected my mom, but it affected me and everyone else in my house.  My mom has always been Super Woman.  Somehow she managed to keep the house spotless, cook delicious meals, work a full-time job, and be an all-around amazing mom.  Sounds like Super Woman to me.  This all changed when cancer came into the picture.  My mom's positive, energetic, peppy self felt totally helpless and so beaten down for the first time in her life.  I never would have thought something as horrible as cancer would ever happen to my mom.  She never had any health issues prior to the discovery of the Lymphoma, so this really came out of nowhere. 

And by golly, it really did some damage to my mom---in every possible way.

Bottom Line---It's nothing to fool around with. 

It has the potential to affect anyone, so please do yourself and your loved ones a favor. 

Even though NBCAM takes place only one month out of the year, I will be celebrating this month, as well as all the other eleven months of the year--- the rest of my life, for those who have ever been affected by any cancer. 

You gotta live each and every day to the fullest. 

Life is so, so precious.


PS:  Below I am featuring some Etsy artists who are fighting for the cause as well.  Please check 'em out, y'all.
Breast Cancer Awareness Crocheted Pink Wristlet
Dog Collar Breast Cancer Awareness (Donation)
Keep Calm and Fight On Breast Cancer Awareness 8x10 Poster
Think Pink Headband Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Pink Sheep (Fundraiser)
Big Giant Owl Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Hope Pumpkin Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Bunny Monster
Breast Cancer Awareness Earrings

Octopus Breast Cancer Awareness Collage Card
Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Cozy
Breast Cancer Awareness Coozie


  1. What a tremendous post! Well done - but I'm so sorry that you and your family have had to go through what you have.

    I was threatened with the BigC, too, so know something of the stresses, but - thank goodness - it was a false alarm.

    I have recently joined a Zumba Gold class at a local village hall, and during October, the whole UK Zumba community (Fitness and Gold - latter being targetted at those of us who have reached the Third Age and is not as energetic) are wearing pink at each class, and contributing 1 GBP per session, with the aim of raising 5M GBP by the end of the month.

    Thanks for following on my blog. Will be returning the compliment after posting this. Cheers.

  2. I am glad that the big C was a false alarm for you! It's a scary thing. Also, that is great about your Zumba class. I have worked out at my local YMCA and raised money for every mile walked. I always feel great after I leave the gym, but those days I felt ESPECIALLY great because I felt like I was really making a difference. :) Glad you're following my blog!


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