Monday, October 17, 2011


Today has been super pleasant.
...For the most part, at least.

I spent lots of time outside enjoying the gorgeous, sunny weather,
I got some good quality snuggling with my Ollie cat, 
and I was able to channel my creative energy into making jewelry. 

I tell ya, it sure has been nice having some time to finally kick back and relax after being bombarded with an entire weekend's worth of studying.  Talk about a not-so-fun way to spend a weekend.  

Now, as I sit and blog to you, things aren't as pleasant as they were earlier in the day.   

I am getting quite an earful of Justin Timberlake's Rock your Body. Sure, I enjoy jammin' out to my boy JT, but preferably not on a Monday night.   Sorry, JT---it's a Monday night, and you're a Saturday night kinda guy.  On a Monday, I'm into much more mellow music such as Adele or Deathcab.  

My neighbor, who lives one floor directly above me, obviously feels differently about JT on a Monday.  He happens to be having one serious jam sesh to some JT, and honestly, it's so loud that I can't hear myself think.  Writing this post is quite the challenge with the bass BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-ing through the ceiling. 

Sarah already grabbed the broom and tried banging it on the ceiling.  

And, nothing happened.  
Good try anyways, roomie.

On to better things...

Of course my Ollie boy and Sarah's Cricket have to be close by while I'm stringin' beads.  

  Here are some of my new pieces for my Etsy shop that I made today!
 I have been pretty fall-spirited lately, so I figured I'd create some wonderfall pieces.

Here are a couple:

I am beyond thrilled to share 
that I have a couple new followers as of this past week! 
I am looking forward to featuring everyone's creations, 
so be on the lookout for some good finds!

Buttercup Ring

ModernButtercup created this vintage beauty that fits ring sizes 6-7.  
Girl, I'm loving this floral detail.  So shabby chic and classy!   
And it's only $6! 
Talk about a steal, y'all.  

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, Modern Buttercup, HERE!


I'm happy to say that JT isn't blaring through my ceiling any longer.
I can finally think again.
This is good.


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