Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nature's Toothbrush

   I'm a planner and always will be.

As much as I'd like my planner to be free 
of X marks covering my beautifully organized calendar, 
I've come to the unfortunate realization that it's freaking impossible.  
Plans change all the time, which makes me go absolutely cah-razy
Even though I have not been diagnosed by a professional, 
I am fairly certain that---through extensive self diagnosis---I've got a mad case of OCD.
Because the second I get word of changed plans,
I hate having to pull out that black Sharpie pen to drag that ugly X on my calendar.
The moment I cap my pen and take a long look at that calendar, 
I get ticked at its imperfection-ness.
My once perfect and free-from-error calendar is now ruined with this crappy X
all because of a change of plans.   
Trust me, I've tried the alternatives.
White-Out is clumpy and pencils make smudges.  
And I don't have an IPAD, so this will have to do...
unless you would like to send one my way.

As you know, this past weekend I was set to visit my sweet sis on Saturday for a fun-filled day of beer drinkin' and good southern tailgating, and I was beyond excited.  (You might have gathered that from my last post). 

On Friday morning, I got a call from my sister as I was rushing to class.  I answered with an enthusiastic "Hey!" and in response, I got a cough followed by scratchy, weak "Hey".  After hearing that painful and forced one-syllable word response, I knew my weekend plans were dunzo.  Sister was sick, and after my hell week of sickness, I was not trying to catch whatever she had.

Saturday's plans were a no-go, and I was definitely bummed; however, we went ahead and said we could try and meet up on Sunday to pick apples if everyone was feeling well enough.  

Thankfully, Sunday morning rolled around and my sister was feeling ten times better.  So, I hopped in my car, turned on the stereo full blast, rolled the windows down, and let that cool fall air blow my hurr.  I was cruising down the highway thinking---Fall weather, you are wonderful.  This moment of peace was quickly ruined by kettle corn. 

I brought Lauren and Gracen, neighbors from home who are practically little sisters to me and my sister, along on the trip.  They are sweet girls, but once you add kettle corn into the mix they ain't that sweet.  Kettle corn must be the bomb-diggity to these two little ones because they sure were hootin' and hollerin' at each other as they played tug-of-war with it. 

Don't worry, I calmed 'em down with some tunes.  We had a marathon of Glee songs. And why yes, we are just as talented as Rachel Berry.  Watch out---we will be on tour soon.

After the drive up to the mountains, we arrived at sister's dorm.  Before I put my car in park, the girls had already taken off their seat belts.  After a valuable life lesson about safety in cars, the girls jumped out of the car and sprinted to sister as she walked out of her dorm.    


Sister was pleasantly surprised to see the two little tots from home.  It sure does help take some of that homesickness away.  Also, getting 79988537226 hugs helps, too.  Those two had that covered.        


After the intense chewing gum that helped cure the crazy ear poppin' as we reached higher elevations driving up the mountain, we finally got to the very top.  

And boy---we sure did find some Golden Delicious apples that screamed "EAT ME!"


Lauren said she wished she brought a trampoline with her so that she could bounce on it and grab the apples at the top of the trees.  What a goober. 

Also, Lauren also asked me if I knew that apples are nature's toothbrush.  I had never heard of that saying, so I asked her where she heard that.  She simply said, "I just know."  What a natural wiz.   For some reason, I'm thinkin' her 6-year-old self didn't come up with that one on her own...Hm.


We all may have smiles on our faces in these pictures, but we sure were freeeeeeeeeeeeezing on the top of the mountain.  It was in the 40s up there.  


Along with the amazing apples, there was also apple cider donuts for sale.  All four of us now have a new and unhealthy obsession with these things.  Lets just say, we gobbled those donuts up in no time.  

Besides Pink Lady apples, Golden Delicious are my favorite apples ever.  


Running behind these girls was a workout in itself.  When it came to finding the "good" apples, we let Lauren and Gracen take care of that business themselves.  Sister and I would take the pictures and laugh at the ridiculous-looking apples the two would bring to us. 


Some of the apples were bruised and just mushy.  Even though they were lookin' rough and not appetizing at all, Lauren and Gracen were very adamant about those being the apples they had to have.  

Once Lauren and Gracen darted to the next tree in search of more apples, I would sneakily toss the yucky apples out of the bag.  Even though apples are inanimate objects, the girls would somehow give them emotions.  "These apples are sad because they fell off the tree and have big bruises!


They would take the gross apples and "give them a home" in my plastic bag.  Thankfully, at the end of our apple pickin', the girls didn't ask to see the apples in the bag.  I swear I'm not heartless, but all of the "sad" apples didn't make the cut. 


 The ugly apples were still back at the orchard, still homeless and ugly. 

Our trip to the apple orchard was a great one.  Short, but super sweet.  Seeing sister was great, and I'm glad that I was able to visit with her, even if it was for a short time.  (SN:  Look at my dorky shadow in this picture).  

Sister promised me that I would be coming back very soon to tailgate.  So, lets hope that next time will happen and that everyone is feeling good as new.   


Hope everyone has a beautiful day.  

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