Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafting Crazies

Crafting it up, baby.

That's exactly what I've been doing with my days.  I swear, I can't get enough of it!  And...apparently, neither can my cats who have been nosy little things who are constantly trying to snatch up whatever it is that I'm workin' on. No worries, they're my love bunnies, and I find it pretty darn amusing how they carry my craft materials around in their mouths. 

It's too funny.

Craft #1:
Fabric Coasters

What you will need:  Fat quarters (18"x 22"), glue gun, felt, scissors, and a brave soul (I won't share exactly how many times my poor fingers got burnt in order to create these precious coasters.  I guess you just have to make sacrifices for crafting, ha ha).  

Step 1:  Cut your fabric longways.  Should measure 18"x 1.0".  The width of these things should be skinny.  

Step 2:  Cut out felt circles (Circles should be the size you want your coasters to be).  

Step 3:  Fold and glue down one end of your fabric in the center of your felt circle.  

Step 4:  Twist your fabric into a tight twist.  Keep gluing and spiraling your fabric until your piece of felt is totally covered.

Step 5:  Cut off edges of uneven fabric or felt and Voila!  You have yourself a precious coaster!  Now, go grab a cold one and use that baby. 
(If you need a visual as to how to do this, I found this to be quite helpful).   

Craft #2:
Decorated Paper in Frame 

What you will need:  Frame that holds 2 or more pictures, Scrapbook paper of your choice, and Scissors
Step 1:  Cut scrapbook paper to fit in frame.

Step 2:  Place scrapbook paper in frame and Voila!  You have a beautiful, new accent piece for your room.  

I'll continue my crafting and will surely add more fun and easy crafts very soon. 

Trust me, I already started working on a brand-spankin'-new project!