Friday, September 16, 2011

A day in Carytown.

Quaint.  Artsy.  Diva-licious.
 These three words just about sum up my day.
...if you can count diva-licious as a "real" word.
Lemme just say, it's "real" in my dictionary.
Webster, you gotta step up your game because diva-licious is a 500 dollar word.   
It was a well-spent day in Carytown, an artsy and quaint little old town area right outside of the city.  There are some cute boutiques, restaurants, and more in this town.  I spent the beautiful afternoon with my friend Kim and her daughter Gracen.  
First stop:  Nacho Mama's

Wow, their margs are to die for!  I started with the strawberry margarita, and then, I had the highly recommended pink lemonade one.  Yummy!  Lets just say, I will be going back.  Their food was delish, too.  I had the cheese enchiladas with rice.  Good stuff!
Aside from the shopping and dining, I did notice one thing that really tickled me about sweet lil' Gracen..  
Gracen is a model-in-the-making.  Let me tell ya.
Watch out, Tyra.  She's the next America's Next Top Model.  Girl's got it going on.
And, I'm not just saying that...she really has got it going on.

Gracen and I wanderin' the streets of Carytown.  

Kim and Gracen


Gracen showin' off her bag from Clover, a children's thrift shop we went into.

See, now don't y'all see what I mean?
She's a natural.



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