Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Fever

I'm feelin' mighty Fall-ish.

After my class ended at 2 today, I checked my handy-dandy assignment pad to see just how much work I had to do today.
Yes!, didn't have too much to do.  So, what to do with my "free" time?  
Okay, lets get real.  Is the even a question---


Oh, that beautiful four-letter word.  
Gets me in trouble every time.
I'll be on a mission to purchase a particular item, and I'll come home with something totally different and unexpected.
I might not have gotten what I was looking for, but I can't say it wasn't worth the trip.
If I happen to find any sort of special treasure while shoppin', then I feel like I had some luck and it was all worthwhile.

Today, I decided to check out Hobby Lobby, a crafter's heaven.  
Advice:  Go if you haven't.  
I figured it was about darn time that I needed to cover the boring, white walls in my living room with some fun wall decor.  
Instead of following my initial plan and head towards the wall decorations, where did I actually end up going?

Down the Halloween/Fall holiday aisle, of course.
I guess it's that time, y'all.
Grab me a thermometer because...
I think I've got Fall fever
The scorching summer temperature is cooling off, the sandals are being boxed away 'til next summer, 
and I'm getting paler by the second (Bye bye, tan bod). 

As much as I hate looking more and more like Casper, the friendly ghost, I must say, I'm ready to finally see some fall foliage.  
And pick some Red Delicious and Pink Lady apples.  
And slurp on some cider with my sweet Ollie in my lap.  
I get excited thinking about it.  

Oh, the anticipation!  
Can't wait 'til Fall is in full swing!
What are YOU most excited to do this fall?


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