Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm on a roll.

Be proud, people.
Be very, very proud.
I'm already right back here bloggin' once again.  
I sure am making up for lost time, huh?
And, why yes, I do deserve a cookie (or some hard liquor)
for getting right back in the swing of things oh-so-quickly.
Alrighty, so this mornin', just like any other morning in the beautiful 
(very much exaggerated) life of CLeigh, 
I carried on with my usual morning rituals.  Part of my morning "rituals"
involves me checking my e-mail.  You know, I gotta stay connected with the world...

Question:  Does anyone really e-mail anymore?
Anyways, on my e-mail site, the homepage always has some sort of 
current news la-dee-dee-dah-dah stuff.
I'd be lying if I said I actually pay any attention to it.
However, this morning I did, and something caught my eye.
Before I clicked the teeny little mailbox in the corner of the screen, 
I zeroed in on a particular story labeled "Epic T-shirt fail".  
Hm.  What's that all about!?!
After being drawn in by this bold-faced title, I clicked it. 
Then, there I saw the T-shirt it was referring to pop up on the screen.

Okay, really?
Obviously, we are running out of ideas as to what we should be putting on t-shirts. 
This t-shirt absolutely blows.
Fortunately, JC Penny decided to pull this nightmare of a shirt off the site after they started getting a lot of negative feedback about the shirt's message.  
Supposedly, it didn't take 'em long to take it down. 
Well, duh?  Didn't they see that coming?
Smart move, JC.  You absolutely blew it. 

I can totally understand why those people were complainin' and pitchin' a fit.

So, here's my question...
How are we getting that message across if
homework is suddenly "not cool"?
All this t-shirt does is misguides children.  
You can't "get by" relying on someone else for everything.
Making your brother do your homework...unbelievable.
Instead of sitting around,
Go out there, and do it yourself.
God gave you brains.
Use 'em.  
Being beautiful on the outside doesn't get you but so far.  
Just because you're "eye candy" doesn't mean you will automatically 
come with a million dollars in your back pocket.  
Instead of blinding or sheltering kids so much that they don't know what the real world is all about, make sure they get it.  
You need to work for what you want.  
Don't just sit back.
So, there is my little rant and lesson of the day.  
The posts will be much more pleasant in the future.