Thursday, September 1, 2011


It has been too, too long since I've been on here...
Before you might possibly start getting all sassy and angry at me for being MIA, can I please at least explain myself for my leave of absence?
Okay, so my reasoning for not blogging these past few weeks...
I've been away getting myself situated in my brand-spankin'-new apartment!
Yes, moving into a new place is always exciting, 
but can I just say moving into an apartment is so freakin' exhausting.
Yes, I am so drained, but I can finally,
finallyyyyyyyyy say that I am now all moved in!
I am happy.
It's been a workout hauling up all the crap up and down the stairs.
But...doesn't matter anymore.  
It's all over, baby.
Dear Sculpted and well-toned upper arm and thigh muscles, 
you will be truly missed.
I guess that is one of the only upsides to moving. 
Haulin' those heavy boxes is rough, 
but you get a real good workout so I guess it is worth it (?).  

So, now that I am FIA (found in action), and no longer MIA,
I figured I would show you a sneak peek of my new home...
New bed set, new pillows, and new cat.  New, new, new.