Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why hello there, Fall.

It's officially Fall time.
This morning, I figured I would check out this weather that has caused much commotion on my FB newsfeed. I tuned into the news, and the weatherman said, "It's now fall.  Go outside and breathe in that wonderful fall air."  So, I did.  

In flip flops.  

Once I walked out of my apartment complex, it took me approximately 2.5 seconds for me to turn right back around and put on some closed-toe shoes.  


This weather makes me wanna wear some of these darlin' scarves.
Found on Etsy, of course. 

I know, I know.  I'm addicted. 



  1. What great finds! Thanks so much for including my Stay Put scarf among them!

  2. wonderful daily fiber choices to keep you warm. Thanks much for the inclusion. ;0)

  3. My favourite has got to be the alpaca one! Great picks!

  4. Y'all are SO welcome! Thanks for making such beautiful scarves. :)


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