Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meow, meow.

I've never been without cats.  

When I was born, I was brought into a home with three cats.  Who knows what the heck my parents were thinking.  

3 cats + 1 baby= Insanity.

Ever since, I have never been cat-less.

As I matured, and my cats grew old and passed away from old age; my mother, father, sister and I would eventually decide to head to a local breeder in order to try to fill the empty space in our family.  It was hard filling the precious place of a passed away cat.  But if we did end up feeling a special connection with a particular kitten, we would bring the little kitty home.   

When I left home to start my freshman year of college at Ole Miss, I hated when I had to say goodbye to my animals (and my mom and sister, of course).  I knew I would greatly miss my fuzzy family members.

Now, in my fourth year of college, I decided to move into an apartment.  With that being said, I knew, before even stepping foot into my brand-spankin'-new apartment, that I had to live in an apartment that allowed cats. Sure enough, when the day came to look for an apartment, I stumbled upon one that I head-over-heels fell in love with.  And why yes, it was cat-friendly.  

In a short time, I signed the lease and started moving in my stuff.  
During the move-in period, I practically lived on Petfinder.  I decided, after a few of my very good friends adopted cats at the local pet shelter, that I wanted to do the same.  I felt like it was the right thing to do. 

Allow me to introduce you to this sweet 2-year-old Persian.  This is OllieYep, he's all mine.  I discovered this lil' guy on Petfinder.  He was located at a nearby animal shelter. Before being placed with his foster mom, Ollie was raised in a cattery and was not a well-socialized cat.  His owner had approximately 25 cats, and she did not expose them to many humans.  After his owner became ill, Henrico Animal League brought in many of her cats.  Linda, his foster mother who took him, got him very comfortable around humans.  Linda might be the sweetest lady I have met in my entire life.  And, she is definitely a miracle-worker because he is well-socialized now.  And photogenic.

How can you not love him?  He's the sweetest, most affectionate guy ever.  I adore him.

Since Ollie was so used to having other cats around when he lived in the cattery, it was very obvious from the get-go that he was lonely and needed a buddy.
My awesome roommate decided to call up Linda to see if she had any kittens available.  Sure enough, Linda hooked my roommate up.  Sweet Linda came to our apartment (she insisted on driving a total of 45 minutes in order to bring the kitten instead of us meeting her.  She is just that sweet.).  May I add that Linda drove through Hurricane Irene to bring the kitten to us?  Yes, she may be sweet, but it's true---they don't call 'em crazy cat ladies for nothin'! 

 Meet Cricket.  AKA Ollie's BFF. 

My cat and my roommate's cat are just the sweetest things.  We could not be happier.

Have you ever rescued an animal?