Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am sick, and IT FREAKIN' SUCKS.

Okay, sorry.  That was really a rough way to start off today's post.  Let me try this again...
I am sick, and I am hanging in there.

There we go.  Much better.  Wait, that isn't even the slightest bit true.  I'm miserable, and I'm hardly "hanging in there".  I've been in a ticked-off-at-the-world sort of mood today.  Don't lie---you have been there, too.  Everyone has those days where you wish you could rewind the day and start all over again---this time, hopefully on the right foot.  
Yes, I'm an optimist and always look at the best in any given situation, but lets face reality for a second.  We aren't perfect.  Sometimes we have our "off", far-from-perfect-sorta days.  And today totally was mine.  And, guess what?  That's okay. 

It all started this morning.  I was awakened by Cricket, my roommate's kitten.  He's a cutie---don't get me wrong, but he's an absolute demon-of-a-cat.  That was so not a cool way to be woken up.  Not only was I beyond ticked that that demon cat woke me up from my beauty sleep, but I swallowed and felt a painful sensation in the back of my throat.  What the heck. 
This sick crap always happens every year when the weather starts getting all wacked out.  I want to shake Mother Nature and say, "Listen, crazy woman.  Pick summer or fall.  You can't have them both!"  One day it's in the 80s, then the next day it is in the 60s.  I can't do it!  My sinuses cannot take it anymore.  

Even though it felt like my head was the size of a planet, I still managed to make my way to Psychology.  Please be proud of me.  By this time, the meds were starting to kick in, so the pain was not as severe (Thank God!). 
So, what could have been the worst possible thing to have happened after my Psychology class? 


Yes, friends.  I walked out into the hallway and students were blocking the doorways.  At first, I thought something cool was going on because everyone was congregating around.  I was hoping Lil' Wayne was on campus or somethin'.   Nah, just torrential downpoor.   


Actually, it was a BIG deal. I looked down at my white t-shirt and navy blue Soffee shorts.  In my mind I said, "Nope.  It ain't gonna happen.  Not today."  
There was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was going to leave that building until the rain stopped fallin'.  

White T-shirts + Rain = Death

I was not trying to take part in a wet t-shirt contest.  So, there I was inside...waiting...waiting in the hallway.  Eyes glued to the window.  I kept thinking, "God, when oh when is this rain going to stop?"  Well, it didn't any time soon---that's for sure.  In fact, twenty minutes had gone by and the rain hadn't let up, even just a tad.  I happen to have a life, so I glanced at the clock and realized that I couldn't stand here and wait any longer.  The ran was not going to hold me back any longer.    
I walked out of the building, letting the rain pour on me and my white t-shirt.  I crossed my arms over my chest, hoping it would keep the passerbys from getting a peep show of my nunga nungas. 

Perhaps, a combination of these things could be the reason why my day was not so pleasant.  It just started off on the wrong foot, and by golly, don't you just hate that?

It's like nothing works the way you want it. 
For now, I'm gonna try and be my optimistic self and hope for a much, much better day tomorrow.  


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  1. Those kitty pictures are ADORABLE! Hope you feel better soon :-)


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