Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Traded the city life to spend
time in suburbia with 
my sweet Mama for the day...

I must say, it sure is peaceful in the sweet suburbs, a place without the constant sounds of sirens and beeping horns outside of my apartment walls.  It's like a breath of fresh air.  I honestly forgot how soothing the sound of the crickets really is.  Man, it sure is nice to have a break from the hustle and bustle.

Don't get me wrong---I do like the energy of the city.  Something is always going on, and I swear there is never a dull moment.  Being a busy bee is how I thrive, so the city and me, well, we are super duper tight.  Like BFF tight.  However, it's nice to have a change of scenery and just get away.

I sure am one lucky ducky because I get to have the best of both worlds.  (No, I will not begin to sing that Miley Cyrus song).  The drive home to my mom is only 30 short minutes or one Spongebob episode away (as I tell my sweet little girl neighbor).  With this short distance, I can change my surroundings real fast.   

So, what will it be...Urban or suburban?    

 I must say, it's been so good seeing my mom (it always is).  Right when I opened the front door, I could smell yummy-ness filling the air---a mixture of candles burning and a home-cooked meal ready to be gobbled up.  That's my sweet, southern Mama for ya.  Tonight, she made one of my all-time favorites---the nothing-short-of amazing Taco Soup.

Go ahead, I gave you the link.  Click it!  And cook it!  You won't regret it.

After a delicious dinner and an intense game of Scrabble, I must say, I am exhausted.  The bed is callin' my name, ...and I'm answerin'!

Cheers to a goodnight sleep without being woken up by some obnoxious truck driver who lays on his horn just for the hell of it. 


PS:  Below I added some creative Etsy artists for my "Home" theme.  
Check 'em out, y'all.  These items are all for sale on Etsy!  The links are also below the pictures. 

Home Shabby Chic Cottage Sign

Floral Shabby Bird House Arrangement

Woodland Lifestyle Roses Wall Hanger
Mom in Photos
Sweet Home Wood Sign
Shabby Little Teapot Cast Iron Wall Hook
Dish Towel Purple Birdies
Chairs Fine Art Print


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